Invest in Nuuk

Nuuk is situated within the world’s largest municipality and is the fastest growing city in Greenland. Our mayor welcomes the fast-paced development of Nuuk and its business sector and invites you to join in. Nuuk possesses great logistics facilities with a brand new Atlantic port and the opening of the new international airport in 2023. Furthermore, Nuuk is home to the largest business community in Greenland, The University of Greenland, and the Government of Greenland. Therefore, it is easy to see, why Nuuk is the optimal choice, when you want to get your foothold in the Arctic.


Tourism in Greenland is experiencing substantial growth in these years, and Nuuk is part of that trend. With a rise of 10.8% in occupancy rates and a 32% increase in the number of cruise-guests, the world has opened its eyes to the wonderful adventures that await in Nuuk.

Situated in the world’s second largest fjord-system, a new port, new cruise ship facilities, and the coming international airport, Nuuk offers unique opportunities in tourism. As the capital and largest city in Greenland, it is unique that you can experience the urban adventures that come with a metropolis, while breathtaking scenery is at your doorstep. With Nuuk being the home of national cultural institutions, experienced operators and a vibrant business community, it is the ideal place to start your Greenlandic tourism adventure.


Nuuk offers many opportunities within fishery and sustainable utilization of live resources, as the city has a strong fishing industry. With fishery being the largest export business, and Nuuk being the home of all the relevant public bodies such as The Maritime Centre of Greenland and the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Nuuk is strong on knowhow. The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources can deliver top-level research and information on the development in populations and in our Foodlab, combining innovation and research, we offer unique facilities for exploring further refinement and full sustainable utilization of the natural resources.

Extractive industries and raw materials

The underground is brimming with potential. Experts estimate that the Arctic may hold as much as 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered gas resources and around 10 percent of its oil resources. Furthermore, the ground is rich in minerals such as zinc, copper, nickel, gold and diamonds, and rare earth elements that are necessary in the transition to a green economy. As home to the University of Greenland, the Government of Greenland and all relevant public bodies, Nuuk is a center of knowledge, and as a logistics hub with great transport connections by both air and sea, Nuuk is a natural base for extractive companies and already home to several of them. With an underground bursting with valuable raw materials, Nuuk is the ideal city to get your foothold in the Arctic extraction adventure.


Nuuk is expanding at a fast pace. The city is expected to grow by a 1000 inhabitants a year. Nuuk’s rapid growth, its ever-growing business community and the ambitious municipality is the driving force behind the largest city expansion project in Greenlandic history, the new neighborhood Siorarsiorfik. The construction industry is booming and demand is only growing as the city expands. For the new neighborhood Siorarsiorfik, we explore new sustainable construction solutions. With the knowhow of Arctic building techniques combined with a curiosity for sustainable solutions, Nuuk is the ideal place for Arctic construction businesses.


Nuuk is an optimal place for logistics businesses operating in the Arctic. With the country’s biggest industrial port, an airport and a geographically convenient location, Nuuk is the ice-free gateway to the Arctic. The new Atlantic port and the expansion of the airport makes Nuuk an ideal transport and logistics hub connecting the Arctic with the Atlantic conveniently located between North America and Europe. Nuuk is already home to many logistics businesses. With a strong and vibrant business community and big, brand new facilities, Nuuk provides great access to the Arctic.

To help you get your foothold in the Arctic, we offer…

 1. One point of contact

Invest in Nuuk is your initial point of contact. We will help your business with a tailor made program to ensure a successful start. We use our extensive network to your advantage. 

 2. Business insight

Use our knowledge about business opportunities, key sectors and manpower.

 3. Land and property

Location, location, location is everything when doing business. We work with the city planners of the Sermersooq Municipality and real estate agents to ensure the right location for your business.

 4. Network and Matchmaking

We offer matchmaking with local businesses and aim to create synergies between new investors and the existing business community. Nuuk hosts a great variety of business clusters and networks. Please take advantage of our extensive network.

 5. Cultural understanding and interpretation

Cultural understanding is often a key determinant for success when doing business abroad. We will help you navigate the culture and customs of Greenland. We can help arrange translation between English and Greenlandic. 


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Emil Skjervedal
Head of Sermersooq Business
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Invest in Nuuk is part of Sermersooq Business, the business department in the Sermersooq Municipality. We spend most of our time engaging with companies, researchers, clusters and clients. Yet, back at our offices in City Hall, we have a cup of coffee ready for you, so we can talk to you about the opportunities that await you in Nuuk.



Logistics hub

From Nuuk the Arctic is at your feet. Already a vital part of the supply chain of most companies doing business in Greenland and with a new port and expansion of the airport, Nuuk is the gateway to the Arctic. Nuuk’s accessible infrastructure makes it a logistics hub for any company wishing to do business in the Arctic. With the largest and most advanced port facilities in Greenland and international connections to both Iceland and Denmark, Nuuk is a geographically strategic stop across the Atlantic or through the Northwest Passage.

Multinational talent mass

Nuuk is the city with the largest influx of both international and domestic citizens and it is the city with the highest number of new residents every year. As home to the University of Greenland and a large number of other educational institutions, your next employee could be here already. No other Greenlandic city experiences growth at the same rate as Nuuk. In particular, young people and the international workforce are attracted to the city and the opportunities that Nuuk has to offer.

Capital advantage

As the capital of Greenland, Nuuk hosts the Government of Greenland, parliament and all public decision making organs, which makes Nuuk the optimal location for you to establish your business. Being able to reach the right public bodies or authorities faster gives Nuuk a competitive edge and as the biggest city in Greenland, Nuuk is home to a growing international community, a thriving business sector and a vibrant cultural scene.

Centre for business

Many businesses already have their headquarters in Nuuk giving the city a vibrant business sector buzzing with entrepreneurship and innovation. Nuuk is strong on knowhow, particularly in industries such as tourism, fishery, construction, extraction and logistics. As Nuuk is home to most of the higher educational institutions in Greenland, a world of knowledge is at your hands. Triple and quadruple helix clusters, where researchers, companies and the municipality meet, create synergy, innovation and new business opportunities. 

Green energy and ambitions on sustainability

Greenland’s nature is spectacular and the source of both inspiration and green energy. 99% of Nuuk’s energy is sustainable hydroelectric energy and the city has high ambitions when it comes to green solutions. For the new neighborhood Siorarsiorfik, we explore new sustainable construction solutions and techniques, and furthermore, companies and the municipality have adapted the UN’s sustainable development goals.