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World’s largest municipality
  • With 531.900 square km, the municipality of Sermersooq is 50% larger than Germany with vast opportunities.

Fastest growing city in Greenland

  • In 2023, the municipality in Nuuk starts Siorarsiorfik, the largest city expansion project in Greenlandic history.


  • As the capital of Greenland, Nuuk hosts the government of Greenland as well as the city hall of the municipality bringing your company close to decision makers.
About Invest in Nuuk

Invest in Nuuk is part of Sermersooq Business

The business department in the municipality of Sermersooq. Sermersooq Business is your one point of contact, and our talented team is ready to help you with your business case in Nuuk

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  • Growing economy

    Greenland’s economy has been growing with over 4% yearly since 2008, and Greenland’s Economic Council projects more than 4% growth again in 2021.

  • Capital advantage

    As the capital of Greenland, Nuuk provides easy access to the Government of Greenland, an international work force, the municipality, the university, the Atlantic port, and much more.

  • Sustainability

    99% of Nuuk’s energy supply is sustainable hydroelectric energy, and Nuuk is in the process of becoming the world’s first capital to be certified as a sustainable tourism destination.

  • University

    The University of Greenland is located in Nuuk and is ready to provide the local talent that your organization needs.

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Mads-Daniel Skifte

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